18 Holes Tour

Hole 1 / par 4

Dog’s leg left, a long tee shot to the right side of the fairway is required in order to see the green on the second shot. A well-bunkered green is really difficult to attack depending on the downhill and side hill lie.

Blue 438 White 411 Red 349 Yellow 411 Handicap 1

Hole 2 / par 4

This is a short hole where the tee shot sets up the hole. The green is well protected by bunkers and by a mound on the left side. This hole offers a definite birdie opportunity for the players with a good short game.

Blue 320 White 290 Red 253 Yellow 285 Handicap 17

Hole 3 / par 5

This hole offers a birdie opportunity. The difficulty here is the challenge of attacking the green with the second shot where the risk of a bad shot is greater then the reward obtained with a good shot. It is a three-shot hole with a green where the ball must be kept below the hole.

Blue 494 White 476 Red 407 Yellow 476 Handicap 7

Hole 4 / par 3

A very picturesque hole where the shot is taken from a very elevated tee and hit over a railroad track. A Par 3 on this hole must be earned as the prevailing cross wind makes it a task to hit this well bunkered green with the tee shot.

Blue 194 White 164 Red 153 Yellow 155 Handicap 15

Hole 5 / par 5

A wide-open tee shot to a short Par 5. Course management is very important as the fairway narrows down in the landing area and the topographical change in the fairway does not give the player a straight lie to attack the green unless he lays up with his tee shot. The most aggressive golfers will attack this hole on the right side of the fairway around the tall tree and hope for a good lie in order to reach this green in two.

Blue 495 White 473 Red 423 Yellow 423 Handicap 11

Hole 6 / par 4

This is a very good holewith a very well protected green. The tee shot should be aimed towards the right side of the fairway for an easier shot to a difficult green to attack. A par, here, is a good score.

Blue 419 White 387 Red 305 Yellow 305 Handicap 5

Hole 7 / par 4

This is the most remembered golf hole of this course. Being the most difficult hole in New Brunswick, a very long tee shot to the left side of the fairway is required to have a chance to attack this green with a blind second shot. A 5 on this hole is a good score as the prevailing wind is against the golfers.

Blue 493 White 405 Red 336 Yellow 336 Handicap 3

Hole 8 / par 3

A relatively easy tee shot, on this uphill hole, to a fairly difficult putting surface. Players must hit this green with their tee shot as a missed shot on the wrong side of the green will make this hole almost impossible to par.

Blue 165 White 148 Red 135 Yellow 140 Handicap 13

Hole 9 / par 5

A very easy Par 5, which rewards a long and accurate tee shot towards the left side of the fairway. Any tee shot to the right of the centre of this fairway could well end up in the trees as the fairway slopes abruptly to the right

Blue 480 White 469 Red 405 Yellow 405 Handicap 9

Hole 10 / par 5

A wide-open hole to a well bunkered but easy to putt green. This is a real birdie hole as most of the golfers can easily reach this green in two. A par 5, on this hole, feels like a bogey, as everyone should be expecting to save a stroke here

Blue 503 White 476 Red 411 Yellow 411 Handicap 10

Hole 11 / par 5

A very picturesque hole with the mountain in the back ground. A good Par 5 with a tee shot to be kept on the right side of the fairway. The last 150 yards is an up slope to a sunken green, which is well bunkered. The creek and the fairway bunkers must be avoided with the second shot in order to have a chance for a birdie.

Blue 517 White 482 Red 399 Yellow 475 Handicap 6

Hole 12 / par 3

A very good little par 3, but if the wind is blowing it could become very difficult. This is a short hole over water to a green well protected by bunkers from a teeing area where we cannot feel the wind. A bad tee shot on this hole could be costly.

Blue 419 White 387 Red 305 Yellow 305 Handicap 5

Hole 13 / par 4

A short par 4 where the location of the tee shot is more important that its distance. The pin placement will dictate how easily this hole will be played as this green can offer some tricky pin locations.

Blue 336 White 321 Red 273 Yellow 273 Handicap 12

Hole 14 / par 4

This picturesque hole requires a long downhill tee shot to a wide fairway. The second shot is to a slightly elevated well-bunkered green. The two-tier green of this challenging golf hole makes it one of the most difficult ones of the course.

Blue 424 White 402 Red 345 Yellow 345 Handicap 4

Hole 15 / par 3

The longest par 3 of the course. This uphill hole to a green protected by four bunkers is a very good skill tester. This hole becomes very tough when it is positioned in the front portion of the green.

Blue 207 White 189 Red 165 Yellow 170 Handicap 8

Hole 16 / par 4

This hole, a dog’s leg right, is a relatively easy par 4. It offers a challenge for the most aggressive golfers who can hit their tee shot over the trees on the right side of this fairway. The trees are fairly tall and course management is the key when playing this hole.

Blue 342 White 322 Red 266 Yellow 322 Handicap 18

Hole 17 / par 4

A straightaway hole to a fairly flat putting surface. The tee shot must avoid the bunkers and the second shot must land on the green, as controlling the bounce of the ball is difficult on this fairway which slopes down to the green.

Blue 366 White 354 Red 293 Yellow 293 Handicap 16

Hole 18 / par 4

A very challenging finishing hole where so many games could be lost. A long uphill tee shot slightly left of the centre is ideal to attack this elevated green with the second shot. The green is very well bunkered and surrounded by mature trees. Any shot left or right of this green may well result in a double bogey or more. Average golfers will play their second shot short of the green and below the hill

Blue 404 White 383 Red 308 Yellow 308 Handicap 2

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